Self Sustaining Building
Self Sustaining Building


Do you have a design and build project that aspires to achieve the best sustainable credentials? 


If yes, then adopting as many of the Self-Sustaining Building (SSB) principles and practices is the answer. 


We offer a range of services to help you achieve the best sustainable practices and principles.


Fundamental to success is integrated thinking which achieves a balanced combination of the following solutions:

  • affordability
  • performance and
  • health (people and nature).

By integrating the best SSB practices and principles you will also achieve the best levels of sustainable comfort.  Uniquely, we provide you with 'roadmaps' for your project that shows the best approaches to achieve the best circular economic, eco-efficient, building biology and environmental certification of materials and products.


As there isn’t a single regulatory tool that adequately brings together Eco-efficiency, Nature based Solution and Whole Life Carbon assessments and specifications of building elements we use our own tool to assist, advise and guide your project.


Worldwide there are a multitude of good SSB practices in designs, structures, technologies and lifestyles. It is the well thought out integration of all these factors, most appropriate for your location that achieves self-sustainability.


Whether your project is for a new build or retrofit make-over, you don't have to select all the SSB factors at once.  It is possible to have a phased approach tailored to suit your project aims and affordability which future proofs your building for later improvements. 


If you have a project with ambitions to be Self-Sustaining or are just interested in supporting the SSB programme please Contact Us today.


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